The Lekker Barkery CC started in Cape Town in 2006, was inspired by the love we have for our own tenacious Jackies – Dunnie and Buddy (Dunnie of which, represents the iconic logo of The Lekker Barkery).

Our mission is to supply natural treats that are healthy but tasty too. It is for this reason that we avoid preservatives and salt in our products and instead, our products are specially heat dried at specific temperatures to ensure the safety of the product as well as preserve the product in its natural state as much as possible. Our success over the past eight years stands testament that we have plenty of happy tail-wagging customers.

Our range includes ostrich (and other venison), chicken, beef and pork products. A selection of chew type treats as well as reward type treats is available. Ostrich and venison products tend to be quite popular due to the fact that they are both hypoallergenic and low in fat. Beef products include the world famous pizzle sticks – a high protein, long-lasting treat. And then there is the all popular chicken bite (a dried version of the famous Nando’s gizzard) – no canine can resist this one. Our wide range ensures that there is something for every pooch’s acquired taste.

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